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Project Description
An easy to use simplified API surrounding the SSIS components to allow the creation of SSIS packages within code.

NuGet Availability
A pre release version is now available as a NuGet package at :


Creating an SSIS package via code can be an exercise in pain and suffering. Whilst the underlying COM objects allow a huge amount of flexibility, there are times when one just needs the more simple things in life.

Enter SS-eye-S - an API written in C# that provides an easier to use layer between your application and the finished code.

This API is still in it's early stages and currently only supports a few components and data flows. However, as time progresses I plan to increase the scope of the API to cover more parts of the SSIS suite.

A list of what's supported can be found here: Supported Components (Alpha Release A02)

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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